#15 WEEKLY TECH UPDATES (27 November-2 December, 2017 )

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of the week such as  Ola Bicycle, Tesla Roadster on Mars, COas a useful fuel, YouTube Go App and Ericcson 5G etc. I hope that you would like it.

So Let’s Start

Alicia Vandyke

First of All

  • CO as a Useful Fuel


The first update comes from an Amazing Research which comes from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Here we know that the gas released by Industries such as CO2  is a harmful gas but surprisingly it can be converted to a useful fuel. Hence research is going on this process but you just understand that Today the gas which is harmful to us can be converted to a useful form where it can be used to power up vehicles and other machines.

So till today, the gas which is harming us too much will be used for our benefits if it can be implemented properly. So What are your opinions on these types of research, tell me in the comments section below.

  • Boring Company in Chicago


This update comes from Boring Company of Elon Musk and here they are working on a concept in which Tunnels are made below the Earth where a Super Fast Transportation takes place. This concept by Elon Musk Company comes on the list of Competition and they are developing a Tunnel between Chicago Airport and Chicago City. It can be the first working Model of Chicago  Company.

So let’s see exactly when they make this Tunnel successfully or not? Hence the concept is amazing and in Future, Who wants to walk on Roads, we have to travel in Tunnels in a Super Fast Way.

  • YouTube Go Now on Playstore


This update comes from YouTube Go App and finally, it’s Stable Version comes on Playstore. Hence a Beta Version of this App is already launched some months back but the main aim of this app is to consume low data and give a better performance by which users can enjoy YouTube videos even in low connectivity. Hence some problems are associated with this app such as you can’t interact with videos in a proper way.

So my Suggestion and Tip for you is that Install this YouTube Go app on your Smartphone to avoid interruption in streaming YouTube videos.

  • Tech Removal of Mosquitos

Macro of mosquito (Aedes aegypti) sucking blood close up. Mosquito is carrier of Malaria, Encephalitis, Dengue and Zika virus

This update comes from an Amazing news in Tanzania where Mosquitos are removed with the help of Combination of Drones and Smartphones. Here Smartphones identify the presence of Mosquitos in an area with the help of Crowd Sourcing data that comes from the microphone of Smartphones. This data is sent to Drones and then Drones fly and Split the spray into the affected areas.

So the Mosquitos will completely fly from there and this concept is running in Tanzania. It is amazing that we are using Tech to Control Malaria.

  • Tesla Roadster on Mars


This update comes in the form of an interesting news that comes from SpaceX and here Mr. Elon Musk said that the Rocket which will go on Mars takes away a Tesla Roadster Car with it. So it is amazing and maybe the Car runs on the land of Mars and does something really different.

Also if it happens, then it will become the World’s First Car to run on Mars. So you tell me about your opinions and thinking about this approach.

  • Ericcson 5G Technology


This update comes from Ericcson and this news is now on Trending where Ericcson showed up its amazing 5G Network where the Top Speed noted is 5.7 GigaBytes Per Second which is a different level Speed.

So you Just Imagine that How and Where we use it? Also, What can we do with it?

  • Ola Pedal ( Bicycle )


This update comes from Ola and here Ola comes out with his new service whose name is Ola Pedal which is a Bicycle. Hence it is running on Trial in IIT Kanpur Campus but now it comes in all cities where if you want to Book an Ola Bicycle, then you can Book it in some selected cities. A Smart Lock Mechanism and GPS is used in these Bikes to prevent it from misuse. This Bicycle can be unlocked by entering the code received on Mobile.

So it is a good feature introduced by Ola which helps us in maintaining our Health properly and in making a Pollution Free Environment.



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