#16 Weekly Tech Updates ( 5-10 December 2017 )

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of the week such as Tesla AI, HP 3D Printers, Google Stations, 3D Printed Sensors and AI Hackers etc. I hope that you would like it.

So Let’s Start

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First of All

  • HP 3D Printers in India


This update comes from HP where now it will soon come with its own 3D Printers in India for both Commercial as well as Industrial use. Hence a large demand is already available for 3D Printers in India because its market is growing at an enormous speed.

So here HP will make a large amount of profit with this growth of the market in the field of 3D Printing by selling 3D Printers in India.

  • Tesla Artificial Intelligence Chips


This update comes from Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, SpaceX, and the Boring Company and here they said that Tesla is now making their own Artificial Intelligence-based Chips. Also, all the work of Auto Pilot and Processing in Tesla Vehicles will be completed with the help of Tesla’s own AI chips.

So this is amazing where Tesla planned on developing their own chips.

  • Anti Overtime Drones in Japan



This update comes in the form of an amazing news where in Japan, the culture is that if an employee does some overtime in offices, then the person is assumed to be loyal towards their work, hence all the people of Japan are loyal to their work and never do cheating in their Jobs. But if a person does overtime in Offices, then their Work-Life Balance becomes unstable. So in Japan, Drones are used to throw Workers out of the offices and force them to go home so that they can spend some time with their Families. A loud music is played by Drone that forces workers to leave Office and go homes.

But here in India, the scenario is totally opposite where nobody wants to spend time for doing Jobs in Offices and on other side, Drones are hired to send workers out of the offices.

  • AI and Machine Learning For Hackers



This update comes from AI and Machine Learning where reports said that in Future, Hackers can use AI services and try to hack something in an efficient way using these systems. They can break secure systems using AI and Machine Learning. So here the technology which is helping us will also help Hackers.

So let’s see Who will win this Fight? Hackers and AI.

  • 3D Printed Sensors



This update comes from an interesting concept where some 3D Printed Sensors are developed which can transmit information using WiFi without any Power. So here for Example- this is a sensor to measure wind speed where a wheel runs and with it, some Gears Tapped, with this Tapping a WiFi signal is generated and the receiver can decode this pattern and get the accurate Wind Speed.

Similar to it for measuring the speed of Water and Light, different types of Sensors are printed which are made up of plastic and can run without any type of Power Consumption by transmitting the data signals through WiFi.

  • Google Stations



This update comes from Google and here the concept is that you get WiFi Hotspots on total 400 Indian Railway Stations, out of which on 227 stations, Google WiFi Hotspots are completely planned. Hence these WiFi Hotspots are only useful for travellers, that’s Why Google now introduced a new concept of Google Stations in different parts of City to enable WiFi Hotspots for Public of the City.

The aim is to provide a Super Fast Internet in Public Areas so that anybody can use it without going to Railway Stations.






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