#17 Weekly Tech Updates ( 11- 24 December 2017 )

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of the week such as Net Neutrality, Jio TV, Xioami Electric Car, IIT Delhi, Google Maps and Grammarly App etc. I hope that you would like it.

So Let’s Start

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First of All

  • Xiaomi Electric Car


The first update comes from Xiaomi and Xiaomi may soon launch its Electric Car in Indian Market means Xiaomi is already making all types of products from Tooth Brush, Smartphones to Pillows etc but now Electric Car can come in India.

Let’s See What is the Plan of Xiaomi and How they will implement it in India because Electric Vehicles will become popular in Future and Xiaomi wants to hit the market.

  • Nokia With IIT Delhi


This update comes from Nokia and IIT Delhi and they both are planning to develop a Stable and Reliable System of Networks with the use and help of Artificial Intelligence. Here if some Network can be prone to Failure, then it can be repaired in advance and can learn the failure mistakes with the help of AI.

So here reliable networks are developed with a combination of Nokia and IIT Delhi and after that, it can be used for a useful purpose.

  • Google Maps Notifications


This update comes from Google Maps where a new feature will soon come in Google Maps which can be a very useful feature for frequent Travellers that are using Google Maps to reach their Destinations but here the problem is that you are sitting in a Bus and you forgot to leave Bus at your Destination and reach some another place you don’t know about, then it will be difficult for you to go back!!!

Then to be saved from such an incident, Google Maps will notify you in advance that you should have to leave the Bus now. So at least you will be saved from missing your Station and Bus Stop!!!

  • Net Neutrality is Dead


This update comes in the form of a Sad News for all Tech Geeks because here Net Neutrality is basically dead in the United States, but it lives in India. In the US, FCC clearly said in a statement that we don’t have any issue with ISP’s, they can give you any plans to access the Internet. By this decision of FCC, all people of the US are disappointed and saying that this is not a right decision.

So let’s see what happens when the court will announce its final decision. But in my opinion, all should have equal rights and speeds to access the Internet. If Net Neutrality will completely dead, then it is very difficult to rebuild it!!!

  • Grammarly for Android


This update comes from an amazing news for those people who want more help in English. Here Grammarly Keyboard App is now officially available for Android. Till now all your Chrome Online Writing is Error Free with the help of Grammarly Extension in Chrome and some days back it was launched in iOS but now it comes in the form of an Android app.

So now you can type a correct type of English in an easy way on your Android phone.

  • Jio TV Available on Desktop



This update comes from Web Version of Jio TV and Cinema which is now launched by Jio. So you can go to its Website and just Login with your Jio ID and can enjoy Jio TV and Cinema on any WiFi Network.

Till now you can only use Jio TV and Cinema if you only have Jio Network otherwise you are not able to stream it but now it is open for all Networks in its Desktop version.



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