#18 Weekly Tech Updates (25-31 December 2017)

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this Year End such as Space Hotel, 1 Year Smartwatch, Hackers PIN, PayTM 100 Million, Apple Profit Per iPhone, Bitcoin not a legal Tender and John Mcafee’s Account etc. I hope that you would like it.

So Let’s Start

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First of All

  • Russia Hotel in Space



The first update comes from Russia and if you like Space Travel or if you want to go to Space, then here Russia is planning to make a Hotel on International Space Station. The complete rent for a week is near to about 40 Million Dollars and after that, you can live in ISS Hotel. If you can pay some extra amount, then you can do Space Walk with Astronauts.

The concept is really amazing but after paying a large amount, a risk of Life is always there for this Complete Space Experience. So let’s see when this will be implemented by Russia and How many People will complete this Journey successfully.

  • 1 Year Smartwatch


This update comes from a new Fitness Tracker or Smartwatch from Garmin whose main feature is that its battery can run for a Complete 1 Year. The price of this Garmin Vivofit Smartwatch is only 80 Dollars and it is having an always on-screen display. This Smartwatch tells you all about your Fitness.

So it is amazing that we will get these types of Smartwatches where no battery problem comes for a year !!!

  • PayTM 100 Million



This update comes from PayTM where PayTM App crosses 100 Million Downloads on Google Play Store where it becomes the most downloaded Payments App means here a large number of Payment Apps are also available but a study tells that the First Choice of Every Indian is PayTM.

Tell me in comments that How much you use PayTM hence it is running on Top in India. Some Apps like Google Tez, Mobikwik, Jio Money and Phone Pe etc are not able to capture too much market like PayTM.

  • Hackers Guess Your Smartphone PIN


This update tells us about a study where Hackers or Experts can Guess your Phone Unlock PIN if they get access to your Phone’s Sensor Data whereas in your Phone How Accelerometer or Gyro Sensor are moving and How their data is changing. The way in which you move your Phone while entering Unlock PIN on your phone can help in Guessing that What you entered.

So here I am talking about Serious Hackers where it can be done Theoretically but Practically nobody wants your Phone’s Unlock PIN because Finger Prints are used by a large number of people.

  • Jio To Reliance Communications


This update comes from Reliance Jio where they acquired the Complete Infrastructure of Reliance Communications and here Mr. Mukesh Amabani saved Mr. Anil Ambani’s Company and now all assets of RCom will go in the hands of Reliance Jio.

So now Jio may use it for its benefits and expand their services with a large speed in India.

  • Apple Profits Per iPhone


This update comes from Apple and in 2017, Apple makes an On-Average Profit of 151 Dollars per iPhone where it is from an iPhone 10, iPhone 7, iPhone SE and all other iPhones. It means that One Redmi Note 4 Profit is taken by Apple with every iPhone sale done by Apple.

This amount comes from a survey where other companies are at lowest scale in the list of Profits and a large margin is on the side of Apple.

  • SOS App For Emergency


This update comes from an amazing app which is developed in Spain and can be used for Emergency Conditions. With this app, if people stuck somewhere in Spain and don’t have an Internet Connection in their Mobile Phones, then if a user install this SOS app on their Mobile Phone, then they can transmit WiFi Signals by embedding a message that I am here, I need some help and for e.g I am Hungry, I need some food, then Search Teams with the help of their Antennas can capture those WiFi Signals.

So here Rescue Operations becomes easy with the help of this app. Hence this app is also available in India and can be used in the seen of Disaster Management worldwide.

  • John Mcafee’s Twitter Account Compromised


This update comes from Mcafee, a most popular Antivirus Company and here Twitter Account of John Mcafee ( Owner of Mcafee ) is hacked. They said that from myself I am completely Secured and I am a Security Expert but I don’t know about Twitter’s Security, that How they managed it.

So his Account on Twitter is hacked and then Strange Tweets are posted on their Twitter Account. You tell me in comments if your Twitter or some another Social Media account is hacked?

  • Bitcoin Not a Legal Tender


This update comes from our Indian Finance Ministry which tells us about Bitcoin that this Crypto Currency is not a legal tender means if you buy or sell Bitcoin in India, then doing that is legal and the government will not back you. Here Government not said that you will not invest in Bitcoin but Government is only making you aware of it.

If there is some fluctuation or risk, then the Government is not responsible for it and it is not linked to RBI by any means. So just Think, Understand the whole history of Bitcoin and then invest in it at your own risk.


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