#19 Weekly Tech Updates ( 1-7 January 2018 )

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of this Week such as Aadhaar Data Leak, Jio New Plans, Apple Netflix, QR Codes Delhi and Nissan Smart Car etc. I hope that you would like it.

So Let’s Start

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First of All

  • QR Codes in Delhi


The First update comes from Delhi Government and here QR Codes will be used to Track the details of the owner of Auto Rickshaws and Cabs means if you are travelling in an Auto and Scan the QR Code posted on Auto, then you will get all the details of the Driver i.e their Name, Address, Phone No, Image and License Information etc. This update comes from Delhi Govt. and they will do some good work and sometimes doesn’t, hence all the Government’s are having the same behaviour.

  • Apple Buying Netflix


This update comes from Apple and here Apple may buy Netflix, reports said. Let’s see that on an upcoming iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook and other Apple Devices, you may get Netflix Connection and Subscription for Free!!! Hence Apple will not give it for Free but Apple may acquire Netflix.

  • Nissan Smart Car


This update comes from an Amazing Futuristic Nissan Smart Car where this Car can read your mind and then it knows everything that is running in your mind i.e What Step you will take? When you move your Steering Left or Right? When you will move your Legs or Accelerator and When you change its Gear etc. So here Nissan can develop a Better and Safer Car with this Technology!!!

  • Aadhaar Data Leak


This update comes from Aadhaar Card and here Reports said that Aadhaar Data is leaked. It is heard that Rs 500 is charged to get all the details of any Aadhaar Card Number. But here UIDAI clearly said that no data is leaked and no Security Breach is done with the Data of Aadhaar and whole Data is Completely Safe. The Rumours which are running for Aadhaar Card Data Leak and its public availability is totally Fake and Wrong. Hence we to trust on UIDAI because they manage our Aadhaar Data. Let’ See What new update we will get from this Leak!!!

  • Fully Self Driving Car


This update comes from Fully Autonomous Self Driving Car that comes from a Company named Amber and they will implement some Cars in Holland. Hence these Cars are BMW i3 but the systems inside it are completely powered by Amber. These cars come with a complete Driverless system hence they will run at Nights only. There is no Interference seen in these cars. So Fully Self Driving Cars will start for the First Time in Holland. Let’ See How they will run and What are the Results?

  • Jio Plan Changes


This comes in the form of an amazing update wherein the staring of this New Year, Jio comes out with a Surprise by changing prices of all the Plans and reduced the price of every plan by 50 Rs. In some plans, 500 MB data is increased per day!!! Here all the Plans comes newly in the market. You now see which plans will best suit your needs where you will now enjoy more benefits at low prices. Let’s See which Company in 2018 comes on Top and beat the market with some amazing plans!!!



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