How To Link Aadhaar Card With Your Mobile Number at Home Using OTP Method

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Today, In This Post I wanted to share an Important 5 Minute Work that you all must have to do if you are living in India!!! I am talking about the Whole Process of Linking Aadhaar Card with your Mobile Number!!!

How to link Aadhaar Card with your mobile number


So Let’s Start

Note:- Working on Jio and BSNL now!!!!

This Process of OTP at Home is started from 1st January 2018!!! This is a 14546 IVRS ( Interactive Voice Response System) Process which enables your to Link Aadhaar  Card with your Mobile Number at Home!!!


  • Why This Process of Linking Your Mobile Number With Aadhaar Card is Necessary?

    • As Per the New Government Rules and Regulations, Department of Telecommunications ( DOT ) ordered all the Telecom Operators to Re-Verify Every Sim Card With Aadhaar Card
    • By This Process, we will make our India Free from Fraud Calls and Social Engineering which is happening Today with so many illiterate people in our Country.



  • Step By Step Method

  1. This process requires your Aadhaar Card and your Mobile Number which is Registered to your Aadhaar Card.
  2. Call at 14546 from your Number which you want to Re-verify with Aadhaar Card.
  3. Now Press 1 For Indian Residence.
  4. Now Agree To All the Terms and Conditions by Pressing 1.
  5. Then Enter Your Aadhaar Card Number of 12 Digits.
  6. Now The voice repeats your Aadhaar Number and asks you to confirm that the number you entered is right or not. To confirm, Press the required Key!!!
  7. Now Operator will do all the Verification Process of Your Number!!!
  8. After Completion of Verification Process, they will send an OTP to the Mobile Number which is Registered with your Aadhaar Card.
  9. Now You will receive an OTP to the Registered Mobile Number!!!
  10. Then a voice comes that asks to enter the OTP you received, Just Enter the OTP and Confirm it.
  11. Woohoo!!!! Now Your Mobile Number is linked To Your Aadhaar Card without Paying a Single Rupee!!!!


  • FAQ’s ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Q1. Deadline To Link Aadhaar Card With Your Mobile Number?

Ans- Until February 2018

Q2. Is it Compulsory To Link Aadhaar Card To Your Mobile Number?

Ans- Yes, it is Compulsory!!! You Have Enough Time until February 2018!!!

Q3. How Many Sim Cards can be Linked To a Single Aadhaar Card?

Ans- As per of now, you can only link 5 Sim Cards per Aadhaar Card.

Q4. Any Fee is Required To Link?

Ans- No Fees, all the Process is Free!!!


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I Hope You Understand all the Process well without any Difficulties!!!

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