Tech Updates ( 4-December-2017 )

Friends, Today in this post I am talking about Some Interesting Tech News of the Day such as Samsung Patent, Google Virtual Tour, Bitcoin Jobs and Facebook New Head Quarter etc. I hope that you would like it.

So Let’s Start


First of All

  • Google Railway Virtual Tour


This update comes from Google and here Google will do a partnership with Indian Railways where Google make some Virtual Interactive Tours for Indian Railway Stations in Some Important Trains. By this, the Visitors and Tourists can see the good places in advance and may be Indian Railways will get some benefit after tying up with Google.

So I think it is a cool concept where it is useful for both Indian Railways and Google. Tell me about your opinions on this partnership in the comment section below.

  • Samsung Palm Scanning


This update comes in the form of an amazing tech and here Samsung is planning for an interesting Technology in Smartphones which can scan and read your Palm ( Hand ) Lines. Hence the pattern of your Palm lines not become the password, but in case if you forgot your password, then for recovery there are some security questions that are easy to guess. So in the process of recovery, it gives you some hints that you have to do some movements of your hand, after that you can unlock it.

So if an intruder wants to recover your account password, then it is not possible for them. This is actually a patent by Samsung. So let’s see when Samsung implement it because it is a cool concept in my opinion.

  • Bitcoin Jobs


This update comes from Bitcoin and here Bitcoin is not going to be stopped because its price is increasing day by day with a very large amount. Due to this increment in the value of Bitcoin, jobs related to Bitcoin comes on Trend, means if some person is having a good expertise in the field of Bitcoins and can try to do some efforts in mining and trading of Bitcoin.

Here demand of such persons is increased because a large number of companies wants to earn a large amount of money with this Bitcoin increasing value. So they are hiring the persons having a vast knowledge of Bitcoins.

  • Facebook London New Head Quarters


This update comes from Facebook and here Facebook started its London Head Quarters and basically, a new office of Facebook is opened in London where nearly 800 persons are going to be hired for Jobs.

In addition to it, Facebook is also working in India specifically to beat YouTube because in some countries Facebook Monetization feature will be coming soon.

  • Whatsapp Group Restrictions


This update comes from Whatsapp Groups and a new feature will soon come in Whatsapp where the Group Admins can restrict the Participants of Groups from sending some message for a set period of time.

It is an interesting thing because some peoples fill the group with a large hate content. So if Admin may not want to remove the person from the Group, then Admin can temporarily restrict that person to not send more messages.


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