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I Want To Start Programming – Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?


There are various pc languages to select from whenever you want to begin programming. There are additionally many elements to bear in mind equivalent to:

  • What do you need to program? Software program? Video games? Plugins? Scripts?
  • Are you going to be programming on-line?
  • How a lot cash will you might want to pay for the compiler, {hardware}, and so on.?

Personally I might advocate Python. Python may be very straightforward study, and would not have as many guidelines as different programming languages. Listed here are a pair examples:

In C++, the favored Howdy, world! program is:

#embrace stdout

int primary()


std::cout << "Howdy, world!n";


The identical program in Python could be:

print “Howdy, world!”

Each have the output: Howdy, world!

Enormous distinction, huh? Python’s code is cleaner than among the different languages on the market. With cleaner code comes simpler readablity which interprets to higher understanding of the code. That is positively a bonus when making modifications to code that’s already in place.

Python can be a really highly effective language, capable of do most something that C++ or Java can do, and in some circumstances extra. Equivalent to extending courses (this introduced on Jython, a python-integration into Java that permits programmers far more flexibility). Many programmer’s will program in C++, however but they may nonetheless use python for binding scripts and such.

Need scripts in your web site? Most net hosts help Python in your scripts and once more, they’re rather a lot cleaner than PHP.

Neglect about assembling and compiling. In python, you may run your applications instantly and instantly observe down any bugs or glitches.

In case you are making video games. Python has prolonged libraries, equivalent to pygame or pyglet, accessible. There are 3D recreation engines equivalent to Blender which have python script help to provide you extra flexibility.

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