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Interesting Facts About Reptiles


This text illustrates the superb variety discovered throughout the animal kingdom. Under, I’ve compiled what I really feel are among the most attention-grabbing details about reptiles and their habits.

Attention-grabbing Reptile Information

  • There are greater than 8,000 species of reptiles on the planet, and the reside on each continent besides Antarctica (the place it’s too chilly).
  • Most sorts of reptiles don’t tolerate the chilly very properly. However the Blanding’s turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) is typically discovered swimming beneath the ice within the Nice Lakes area of the USA.
  • Reptiles are among the many longest-lived species on the planet. For instance, massive tortoises such because the Aldabra tortoise can reside for greater than 150 years. Alligators can reside almost 70 years. Ball pythons, a well-liked sort of pet snake, can reside as much as 40 years (think about that earlier than getting one as a pet).
  • Many of the world’s snakes (almost two-thirds) are non-venomous. Solely about 500 snake species are venomous, and of these solely 30 – 40 are thought-about dangerous to people. In different phrases, lower than 2 p.c of all snakes are thought-about dangerous to people.
  • It’s a incontrovertible fact that extra Individuals die every year from bee stings than from snake bites.
  • With regard to reptile reality #four above, the alternative is true in Australia. There are literally extra venomous snakes in Australia than non-venomous snakes. The inland taipan is without doubt one of the hottest of those venomous Australian snakes. Australia is the one continent the place venomous snakes outnumber non-venomous snakes.
  • Sure kinds of snakes can go months with out consuming. That is very true of the large constrictors, such because the Anaconda and the reticulated python. Snakes eat massive meals (relative to their physique dimension), and so they have a lot slower metabolisms than we people have. This partly explains how they will go so lengthy between meals.
  • “Chilly-blooded” shouldn’t be one of the best ways to explain reptiles. Their blood shouldn’t be essentially chilly by itself. However they’re ectothermic, which suggests they get their physique warmth from exterior sources. Reptiles can’t regulate their physique temperature internally as people do.
  • Snakes and lizards flick their tongues within the air to seize scent particles. They do not scent by way of their noses such as you and I. As a substitute, the use their tongues to gather scent particles after which go the particles over one thing known as a Jacobson’s organ to decipher the air round them. That is partly how reptiles hunt for meals.
  • True to its title, the African egg-eating snake (of the genus Dasypeltis) prefers to dine on the eggs of different animals. It can swallow the egg complete, after which use tiny “spikes” extending internally from its backbone to crack the egg open and swallow the nutritious contents. Lastly, it should regurgitate the unneeded egg shell in a neatly folded piece.

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