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Internet Marketing for Newbies: 10 Recommendations


Internet marketing for newbies can be fun and learning experience at the same time. In the beginning newbies start with great enthusiasm that is invariably followed by the phase of frustration leading to the dilemma whether to give it up all or continue. The frustration comes out of lack of information and inability to tweak their blogs and write articles. The other sources of frustration could be low traffic and zero conversion.

Most often there are other pressing demands that forces most of us to abandon internet marketing. However, those that persist never quit. And those that never quit invariably end up winning the game of internet marketing. Quitters can never be winners, and winners can never be quitters.

Yet my thoughts on internet marketing for newbies can be summed up in three words. Persist, Persist, and Persist!!! Of course you can’t be expected to force your head against wall when you persist.

OK, so your blog is ready. You have already decided the products you are going to promote. You have even written articles and what? Six months later, 100 or so odd visitors are on your site!!! No conversion, yet!!! Your enthusiasm dies down. Its time to say quits – the programs are scams, gurus are scams, and internet space is plastered with contradictory information, did you say that (?) – and you call it quits.

I don’t blame you. These were exactly my thoughts and could be the thought of any one in my place. However, some thing miraculous happened with me. I will come to that later except stating succinctly that miracles do happen all the time but the one and only condition for miracles is persistence. There is absolutely nothing mysterious about it.

So here are my thoughts on internet marketing for newbies: Have you analyzed why you are not getting conversions? Did you find out the reasons? Did you work out on reasons and take appropriate actions necessary? Internet marketing for newbies could be either difficult or easy depending on whether or not this exercise has been conducted by them. If yes, everything falls in place and success gets easy, otherwise internet marketing remains a difficult enterprise.

So here are 10 recommendations on internet marketing for newbies.

(i) Get your blog in place

(ii) Select one or more product to promote (choose the product that interest you).

(iii) Do some research on how to promote your products

(iv) Make a plan of action on promotion of the products – stick to the plan

(v) Monitor your results at intervals. Don’t get panicky if you are not getting results

(vi) Research and learn the techniques of promotion further. This will enable you to identify your problem areas so you know why the results are not coming.

(vii) Take corrective actions.

(viii) Remain focused to your goal

(ix) Now you can see results coming, or not coming, if it’s still not coming do some more research, learn and apply

(x) Persist even if it takes time or seek a mentor who literally holds you by hand and walks every step of the way to make you profitable.

A mentor will not only ensure your success but also walk an extra mile to teach you and offer a variety of tools and tutorials that are rarely available at one place or cost several thousand dollars. You may like to read their plan and offers.

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